Crypto Newsletter — 27 April 2022

Hey all,

This is the first of our Crypto Newsletter and we wanted to give you regular updates on all things crypto — both at fruitlab and in the wider world!

Since our relaunch of the PIP as a cryptocurrency, we have seen a huge amount of activity and we can see everybody taking full advantage of uploading and watching to mine PIPs.

As a reminder, the rate of the PIP against the dollar is now 100 PIPs — $1.

We have already seen the first block mined and are now well into the second block. Over time it will become increasingly difficult to earn PIPs on fruitlab. The amount of PIPs mined for completing actions will decrease with each block. As early adopters, now is the time to make the most of this!

We will be back with more news soon about the future plans for the PIP.

In news elsewhere, Stripe, a payment processing service, have announced that they are ‘Expanding global payouts with crypto’. Starting with Twitter (which of course has its own big news this week!) they will be allowing users to withdraw earnings in USDC, the stablecoin. This is big news due to the size of Stripe, and bodes well for Fruitlab’s plans!

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to our next catch up in a fortnight.

Team fruitlab



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