Crypto Newsletter — 6 July 2022

I can’t believe it’s two weeks since our last update but here we are!

We are still very much in the 4th block, and will probably be for a while yet so keep mining away and collecting your PIPs! Once again we wanted to say a quick but big thank you to you — the community — for keeping Fruitlab alive and kicking. We can’t wait for the next stage together and to share what we’ve been working on but we can’t just yet!

We have been searching the site for videos about blockchain and cryptocurrency to see what you have been up to and thought we could highlight some that you may have missed.

Firstly, Fruitlab OG CapnMintbeard takes a look in to Fruitlab and the environmental benefits over other tokens:

And more recently, ToryGirl has been uploading clips from play-to-earn title Mini Royale: Nations — check out their NFT loot below!

And finally DaDexo gives us an intro in to crypto exchanges!

Be sure to upload your videos under the #Crypto, #Blockchain and #NFT hashtags so we can check them out!

Good news all PC builders — your GPU’s may now be a little safer!

Samsung have begun producing 3nm chips capable of mining bitcoin. This is great news for those trying to get ahold of a GPU, as there may well be less reliance on them to mine bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies moving forward — so hopefully no more scalpers!

Next, a recent study has shown that more Millenials hold Crypto assets than have a mutual fund. Mutual funds are more traditional and historically more stable than Crypto, but it seems younger investors are more willing to hold some of their assets in Cryptocurrencies than anything else.

Are you HODLing PIPs for the future? Let us know!

Got your eye on a new watch?

Breitling and Hublot have both announced that they are both accepting payments for watches in Bitcoin. You’re going to need a lot though — the first watch we found on the Hublot website was a whopping £17,300.

You’re going to need a lot of PIPs for that one!

Heard of Napster?

Napster was a P2P file-sharing service. Users could share and torrent audio files between themselves, somewhat illegally. Napster has since been on a long journey and is now retaining relevancy in the new web3 age by releasing its own token ($NAPSTER).

Can this old dog make it in the new world? Arguably a decentralising pioneer it may just do well with it’s new endeavour!

And finally,

We seem to feature him every edition so why not make it an official part of the newsletter?

Snoop Dogg’s view!

The long and short is that he is still feeling confident, and think’s the recent downturn may have weeded out some of the people who were involving themselves for the wrong reasons. Good news from the Dogg!

Thanks again for sticking with us and reading along — we will be back in two weeks for our next update!

Team Fruitlab



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