Weekly Newsletter — 29th July 2022

Hey Fruitlab! How are you? We’re good here— thanks for asking!

Want to hear what’s been going on in the world this week?

Here you go!

New Partners!

We have some new esteemed recruits to the Fruitlab Partnership! Without further ado — introducing:


Another Italian member, check out the amazing Warzone play’s on offer from FamGamers!


This time it’s a Valorant player! You come to Hairdu for the gameplay, but stay for the banter — see below!

Send a big welcome to our new recruits and don’t forget that you can become a Partner too!

Meet the team!

We will be attending the FORMAT live event on the 8th of September here in Manchester, England. If you fancy joining some of the team and our creators, you can get your own ticket here.

We are hoping to be representing Fruitlab at many more events moving forward, so if this one is too far maybe we will be coming to a town near you soon.

We hope to meet you soon!

Gaming is good for me!

A recent study by the esteemed Oxford University has found that gaming has no links with levels of wellbeing.

This is in contrast to an earlier study, which seemed to show gaming makes you happier.

We know which one we want to believe!

GTA VI Out Soon!


A host of information, this time from a reliable source, has been released about GTA VI.

The main points of interest are:

  • There will be a female playable character
  • It will return to Vice City
  • It could be around 2 years away (!)

It better be worth the wait!

What was your favourite GTA game? Check out some of them here!

Google Puzzles

Got some time on your hands? Check out these cool puzzles google have provided of some famous historical art pieces!

Flying Cars

It’s time — you can finally pre-order your own flying car.

You didn’t read that wrong — it’s true! Although not quite in the Fruitlab shop just yet!

Race to Refund

Fancy and exciting new gaming challenge? Refund Me If You Can challenges you to beat it in under 2 hours.

Steam’s policy allows for refunds if you have less than two hours spent playing — which this game makes a big play on.

Be the first to upload it on fruitlab!

That’s it for the week here at Fruitlab.

Although something weird has been happening on our Twitter of late…



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